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Air Audio Services Ltd. t/a Air Audio Distribution offers some of the most innovative, best value and highest quality home audio components and accessories available. We are far more than a sales outlet for UK audio and A/V Dealers - we are passionate music lovers and also know a lot about design, product development and manufacture ourselves, which makes the seeking out of high quality products to Distribute in the UK so much easier.

The Companies who have selected us to represent their brands in the UK know that we also selected them. We understand and appreciate manufacturers who offer brilliant audio products and components, we are proud to represent them.

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The HANA ML does it again!

The HANA ML does it again!

'The Ear' Editor Jason Kennedy found the Hana ML very much to his liking, enough to give it a 'BEST BUY' status.  Trying it in a couple of turntable/tonearm combinations, he found the cartridge very 'amenable' to use in both low and medium mass tonearms - giving its best perhaps in the more compatible medium mass tonearm, as one would expect with a moving coil cartridge design.

I dusted off an SME Model 10 and fitted the ML into its detachable headshell, set downforce, alignment and bias and gave it a spin with Binker and Moses stonking Alive in the East. This starts with a drum solo which this cartridge delivered in impressively tactile style, showing all the reverb around the ...

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