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Air Audio Services Ltd. t/a Air Audio Distribution offers some of the most innovative, best value and highest quality home audio components and accessories available. We are far more than a sales outlet for UK audio and A/V Dealers - we are passionate music lovers and also know a lot about design, product development and manufacture ourselves, which makes the seeking out of high quality products to Distribute in the UK so much easier.

The Companies who have selected us to represent their brands in the UK know that we also selected them. We understand and appreciate manufacturers who offer brilliant audio products and components, we are proud to represent them.

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See the Bristol Show video -

See the Bristol Show video -

As part of the Bristol Hi-Fi Show room 306, 2018 that was awarded the Clarity 'Best Sound demonstration 2018', you can now see the set up's we were using to achieve such high quality sound.

It starts with the Air Audio AC-2K balanced output mains power supplies, one on each of the 2 systems demonstrated. The System using STS reel to reel Master Tapes and server, used an MS HD Power MS-E02-SS 6 ways star wired distribution block and MS HD plugged cables on the mains power side.  The second system was playing STS LP's and was powered through an MS E01-Rh 6 ways distribution block on the mains side.  Clean mains power is fundamental for ...

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