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Air Audio Ltd. is a UK based audio distribution company that offers some of the best value - and most high quality - home audio components available at any price. We also design and manufacture the Astin Trew brand electronics, so we are far more than a sales outlet for UK audio Dealers - we are passionate music lovers and know a huge amount about how to design, develop and manufacture products for world markets.

The Companies who have selected us to represent their brands in the UK know that we also selected them - because we know, understand and appreciate fellow designers and manufacturers who are offering brilliant audio products in their respective fields of expertise.

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New 'high end' balanced cable for Astell & Kern

New 'high end' balanced cable for Astell & Kern

The new premium quality Air Audio balanced cable system for the Astell&Kern AK100 II, AK120 II and AK240 players (order ref: PBC-220.1) allows this range of high quality Astell & Kern portable DAPs to be used as high-end source players by perfectly matching them to home audio systems of any quality, with a balanced input facility, or straight into a headphone amplifier.

To ensure your Astell&Kern offers the most faithful reproduction through an audio system, this Air Audio interconnect for Astell & Kern uses the very best conductor materials, connectors and manufacturing processes, including Astell & Kern's own PEE11 connector, the highest possible quality copper wire for audio and Xhadow XLR's, hand constructed and cryogenically treated for optimum ...

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