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Air Audio Ltd. is a UK based audio distribution company that offers some of the best value - and most high quality - home audio components available at any price. We also design and manufacture the Astin Trew brand electronics, so we are far more than a sales outlet for UK audio Dealers - we are passionate music lovers and know a huge amount about how to design, develop and manufacture products for world markets.

The Companies who have selected us to represent their brands in the UK know that we also selected them - because we know, understand and appreciate fellow designers and manufacturers who are offering brilliant audio products in their respective fields of expertise.

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Hana moving coil cartridges ready to make waves.

Hana moving coil cartridges ready to make waves.

We are delighted to have been appointed the UK's sole Distributor for a new range of high quality moving coil cartridges from Japan.

Manufactured by the Excel Sound Corporation who have been manufacturing cartridges for the OEM market for over 40 years (they wont tell who's cartridges are made by them!), and branded with the name Hana, these cartridges are set to offer the highest quality sound at very competitive prices.

Two output options, plus two stylus types in their first range, offering either a nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus type or synthetic Elliptical diamond stylus.

Dealers are taking pre-orders, there are independent reviews in progress and stock will become available from mid-end November 2015.

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