Highest quality 12” transcription tonearm design

Sorane ZA12 Tonearm

With a one piece tonearm/headshell design, milled from a solid aluminium billet, and superb bearings, the ZA-12 (silver) and ZA-12B (Black) transcription tonearm makes a serious visual statement before any listening takes place.

If you are in the market for a 12” transcription tonearm, you should have the ZA-12 on your list.  Its superb design and manufacturing quality offer up an equally sublime performance.

Sorane ZA-12 Tonearm Cylinder Base

As with all Sorane tonearms, the bearings are second to none, the ZA-12 has a specially designed double bearing pivot suspension on the vertical, Sorane’s highest quality and most precise bearing design, and this offers the most sublime musical combination with a good moving coil cartridge, with deep clear tuneful lows and the clearest high frequencies without any artificial force or edge to the sound quality.

Whole length:                                      410mm
Pivot to spindle:                                  310mm
Effective length:                                  322mm
overhang:                                              12mm
offset angle:                                            16.5°
linear offset:                                   91.453mm
inner groove:                                  60.325mm
outer groove:                                 146.05mm
inner null point                               63.531mm
outer null point                             119.375mm
maximum error                                   1.4°
maximum distortion                            0.481%
average rms distortion                        0.312%
Max. Cartridge weight                       40gm’s