The Telos-audio active solution.

In recent years, improving the signal earth lines with passive ground boxes full of mineral powders, crystals or composite materials has become an increasingly popular upgrade solution. The Telos-audio active approach tackles the problem differently and very effectively.

Photo of electronic circuit
Photo of electronic circuit used in Telos Audio products

Active grounding offers all fluctuating potential earths from each of the electronics components a single reference earth. The ground impedance offered by the Telos products is very, very low, around 40 times lower than the earth on your source supply, and every component attached has this identical earthing potential.

Other mains conditioning and dedicated supply lines.

Whether you use a distribution block with power conditioning, an active mains regenerator, balanced power supply or isolation transformer, Telos grounding products will offer a significant further improvement due to its far lower impedance performance, building upon your already improved mains power grounding.

How it works.

Simply put, the GNR produces its own stable earth reference and ensures all products attached have an identical clean reference signal earth all the time. 

What you will hear.

You will appreciate a lower noise floor. This lifts the music, more subtle details become apparent, more ‘air’ around instruments and singers, a larger and better defined staging opens up and around your speakers … more natural musicality.


Telos GNR MINI V5.1

GNR Mini Front

The GNR MINI offers two earthing points.  We suggest it is used to earth your source component(s) like Streamer, CD Player or Turntable tonearm earths, or one source component and your phono-amp, pre-amp. or integrated amplifier.

It comes complete with two 2.0Mtr earthing cables and power cable.

GNR Mini Back


Telos GNR V5.1PLUS

Telos 5.1 plus

The GNR V5.1PLUS offers a higher level of performance and six individual earthing points, allowing up to six individual components to be attached.

It comes complete with six 2.0Mtr earthing cables and power cable.

Telos 5.1 Plus

GNR Cable options

The signal earth connection can be made through any unused input or output socket, so a range of cables are available in a range of lengths to accommodate these connecting options: XLR, RCA, BNC, USB-A, USB-B, mini spade, HDMI, and bare wire connector end for connecting to steel racks.

GNR Cables