Traditional tonearm shape with hidden beauty and high performance sound.

Sorane Audiophile Hifi Tonearm

The TA-1 and its longer sister the TA-1L may look like traditional tonearms, with their polished tubular arm ‘wands’, but within the solid machined bearing cradle lurks the real beauty, very high quality bearings, the sort that offer and ensure outstanding tonearm sound qualities. A detachable headshell allows the user flexibility of different headshell weights, to match the fitted cartridge. The standard headshell supplied is manufactured from a solid billet of aluminium, deep etched and black hard anodised.  All connections are gold plated.

Both length arms come with comprehensive fitting instructions and templates, to ensure they offer the perfect alignment when fitted, and a quality tonearm lead using high quality OFC stranded copper.

Whole Length: 288mm 380mm
Effective Length (Tonearm pivot – stylus): 232mm 322mm
Practical Length (Tonearm pivot – Spindle): 216mm 310mm
Overhang: 16mm 12mm
Offset angle: 22.0°  16.5° 
Horizontal moving sensitivity: 30mg 30mg
Vertical moving sensitivity: 20mg   20mg  
Vertical Tracking Force (VTF) range:  0-3g 0-3g
 (6 gm weight 2 rotation)
Cartridge + Headshell weight range: 15-29g 15-24g
(31 / 29gm with sub weight)
Height Adjustment (Plinth to arm wand centerline): 15-55mm 15-55mm
Vertical Bearing: Pivot Miniature Bearing (not pivot contact)
Horizontal Bearing: Miniature Radial Bearing
Output plug: RCA (XLR : Option)
Output cable: Single core shield copper
Tonearm Audio Lead wire: OFC 4N Copper
Headshell lead wire: Copper with gold plated terminal
Headshell: Machine tooled Aluminum
Tonearm Net Weight:   580g  610g
Attached standard Headshell Net Weight: 17g   17g