Rocky Mountain Press Awards

Hana SL

Reviewed by for Rocky Mountain Press Awards, September 2019

Those in the know, will know that the 'Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest' is now both the biggest and the 'go-to' high end Hi-Fi Show in the USA.

In 2018, the Hana SL was voted the winner in the 'pickup cartridge' awards section, by the worlds Audio Press.

How wonderful then that the worlds Audio Press voted the Hana SL the winner AGAIN in the 'pickup cartridge' awards section 2019.

Another feather in the cap for this amazing carridge, which, when partnered with a suitable turntable and tone-arm will deliver a combination of sound qualities, its brimming full of musical colour and tonality, with speed, assurance in tracking and very low surface niose .... that cartridges costing many times more often fail to achieve.

Well done HANA SL!!!

UK RRP 2019 - £599.00p 


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