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Hana SH & SL

Reviewed by for Hi Fi Choice, February 2016

My initial impressions are great. The sound of the violins achieves the perfect balance of being both bright and lively, yet smooth, which is a ricky thing to get right.  I leave the cartridge playing for a couple of hours ... and then listen to the ame piece again. There is a big improvement and the bass in now asserting itself..... To check out how the Hana SL handles female vocals, I play Barbra Streisand's 'You Dont Bring Me Flowers'. The song is brilliantly conveyed in the opening section and as the song progresses there's no trace of brashness to her voice.  The Hana SL gives a really sphisticated performance, which is very involving and refined.  

Both [SH and SL] are superb cartridges and are strong challengers to rival big-name brands at the price.

Hi Fi Choice's 'Choice 5 star recommended' award
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Hi-Fi Choice Review. 'S Range moving coil cartridges'.
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