Hana EL & SL

Reviewed by Whitchdoctor, December 2016

“The Hana cartridges are a delight. Perhaps they may eventually become the cult go-to that the Denon DL103 currently is (and isn’t) for discerning audiophiles on a budget – they certainly deserve to.”

Mass Fidelity Core

Reviewed by Home Theater HiFi, December 2016

“Mass Fidelity Core represents an exceptional value in today’s wireless market. The Mass Fidelity Core is in fact an over-achiever in the wireless, small speaker category. ”

STS Digital Ben Webster, 'Old Betsy' Tape (STS.T6111129)

Reviewed by David Denyer, August 2016

“... this is a sublime album and now available in unbeatable fidelity – that’s what a true master copy provides – the absolute best version of that album there is, period.”

Mass Fidelity Core

Reviewed by Ask Men, July 2016

“Consider it a full-fledged sound system, but at half the cost and twice the convenience. My only regret is having to return my sample unit.”

HiFi Pig's 'Recommended' award

STS Digital Madeline Bell, 'Blessed With Your Heart' Tape (STS.T6111144)

Reviewed by HiFi Pig, July 2016

“The real star of the show on this record is of course Bell’s vocal talent, but in this format, recorded without Dolby or other wizardry being added really allows her to shine. ”

Hana SL

Reviewed by TNT-Audio.com, June 2016

“I could live with the Hana... If tomorrow all the other cartridges I had disappeared I would be quite happy to continue listening. I wouldn't feel short-changed, and though I might miss certain things they wouldn't 'bother' me so much. No other cartridge under 1500 Euro has passed this test. That the Hana is well below this limit is quite an achievement.”

MS HD Power 6 Way UK STAR WIRED Dist. block, Silver plated. MS-E02-SS

Reviewed by HiFi Pig, June 2016

“Submitted for review to Hifi Pig we have this MS HD Power MS-EO2 SS, Star Wired mains block with surge protection and external earth point unit. Dominic Marsh takes a listen. ”

Hana EL & SL

Reviewed by TNT-Audio.com, June 2016

“The Wand Plus and Hana EL pairing transforms my turntable into a musical appliance with changed-for-the-better character.”