Hana SL

Reviewed by Analogue Planet, October 2017

“The Hana SL is a “cartridge for all seasons” ... that works well with all musical genres. No wonder it’s become such a popular “crowd pleaser” ”

Hana SL

Reviewed by End user comments, March 2017

“Discs that were previously difficult on the ear ... are a joy to hear. Vocals become real words, female sibilance is absent and the sound-stage is as wide as my smile.”

Hi-Fi News and Record Review's 'Highly Commended' award

Sorane tonearms SA-1.2 tonearm

Reviewed by Hi-Fi News and Record Review, March 2017

“...an absolute delight in form, function and perceived sound quality. ”

Hana EH, EL, SH & SL

Reviewed by The Absolute Sound, February 2017

“The level of transparency generated by these [Hana SH,SL] Shibata Cartridges at this price point is something to admire.”

Hana EL & SL

Reviewed by Whitchdoctor, December 2016

“The Hana cartridges are a delight. Perhaps they may eventually become the cult go-to that the Denon DL103 currently is (and isn’t) for discerning audiophiles on a budget – they certainly deserve to.”

Mass Fidelity Core

Reviewed by Home Theater HiFi, December 2016

“Mass Fidelity Core represents an exceptional value in today’s wireless market. The Mass Fidelity Core is in fact an over-achiever in the wireless, small speaker category. ”

STS Digital Ben Webster, 'Old Betsy' Tape (STS.T6111129)

Reviewed by David Denyer, August 2016

“... this is a sublime album and now available in unbeatable fidelity – that’s what a true master copy provides – the absolute best version of that album there is, period.”

Mass Fidelity Core

Reviewed by Ask Men, July 2016

“Consider it a full-fledged sound system, but at half the cost and twice the convenience. My only regret is having to return my sample unit.”