Fabulous review for the Hana ML and MH

Fabulous review for the Hana ML and MH

Alan Sircom reviews the new Hana ML and MH cartridges and is very impressed.

'... the Hana's give you more than a glimpse of what the true masters have to offer, without the financial outlay. And yet, at no time does this sound like scraps from the very top table.

The Hana ML in particular and the MH trailing close behind are every inch high-end super cartridges, only without the high prices.

As it stands, this is the best £3,000–£4,000 cartridge you can buy… for £995'

Full downloadable .pdf review on Hana ML and Hana MH product pages.

Source: Hi-Fi+ magazine, issue 172, June 2019

5th June 2019