Hana cartridge chosen for Gale GT2101 turntable refurbishment.

Hana cartridge chosen for Gale GT2101 turntable refurbishment.

Cambridge Audio are owners of the of the Gale brand name, manufacturers of many iconic Hi-Fi components in the 1970's.  For six years they have been trying to track down one of the legendary Gale GT2101 turntables of which only 60 or so were ever made. The Gale GT2101 turntable was so ahead of its time- it still looks revolutionary and the direct drive electronics operating features are still state of the art. 

They finally managed to track one down in July 2016 from the ex-Gale distributor in France who donated it to Cambridge Audio in memory of Ira Gale, providing it is displayed and used in their demonstration and music rooms attached to their London offices, called Melomania.

Now nearly fully restored and looking almost as good as new, they have fitted a new SME arm to the deck and a Hana SL low output moving coil cartridge to play with new Cambridge Audio electronics, launching in 2017.  

This rare and iconic 40 year old turntable will soon be playing to appreciative audiences  - watch this space and the Air Audio Face-Book page for photos of the refurbished turntable and further information.  The photo attached is from the 1970's marketing campaign.


9th December 2016