Air Audio is now UK's Mass Fidelity Distributor

Air Audio is now UK's Mass Fidelity Distributor

Bluetooth has a poor reputation when it comes to good sound quality - audiophile led Company Mass Fidelity based in Canada have developed what some reviewers have called the best sounding Bluetooth / DAC receiver available (in the 'sensible' price range!) - called RELAY. Our ears say the same, not only does it offer CD sounding quality over Bluetooth, but it is also very stable, with no unexpected 'drop-outs' mid track, unlike some Bluetooth receivers. Check out the reviews on the Relay page. RRP £199.00p

From January 2016, the long awaited Mass Fidelity CORE will be launched world-wide. This 'mini-marvel' is the most advanced streaming player ever manufactured. From either mains power or 12 hour battery capability, offering real portability and outstanding sound.

The beautifully designed player boasts 5 speakers and 120 Watts of high quality amplification, with a lot of sophisticated processing that makes music 'hang in space', offering a near holographic musical presentation with width and depth where ever you are in the room, a remarkable feat .... and better still, it will play high resolution 'studio' quality music. Up to 8 Core units will stream to each other throughout the home and garden (or throughout your luxury yacht!) if you wish; with controls so simple, it only needs 4 buttons to cover all its features. RRP £499.00p

The CORE-SUB can also be added for an ultimate bass experience. RRP £399.00p Check out the details for both Core and Core-Bass on this web site - Selected Dealers are demonstrating and taking pre-orders now. Music streaming from any Bluetooth source or wired source has to be heard to fully appreciate Core's remarkable audio qualities.

18th December 2015