Personal 'studio sound' player arrives

Personal 'studio sound' player arrives

Air Audio Distributtion is proud to be Distributing the Astell&Kern AK100 personal 'studio sound' player (the worlds smallest and most practical 24bit/192KHz personal player) in the UK.

You will be truly amazed at the sound quality now available from this beautifully designed and manufactured personal music player. Combine the AK100 with a decent pair of ear buds or headphones and it is really like walking into the recording - you can listen to music at the quality used to make the recordings in the studio.

Even CD quality replay is so much better than those old MP3 players. Not surprising when you know that even at 320Kbps, MP3 has only 5% of the data on a CD.

Bristling with useful features including touch screen, the 16 hour battery life will keep you listening all day - as will the large music storage capacity.

Astell&Kern features

  • Meets 100% of Hi-Fi audio specifications
  • Equipped with the world’s first portable Wolfson WM8740 24bit, 192kHz high-performance DAC
  • Can be used as an external optical DAC
  • Touch equalizer (EQ) easily manipulated by the fingertips
  • A user interface with an analogue feel
11th November 2012