OCTAVE tube amplifiers arrive in the UK

OCTAVE tube amplifiers arrive in the UK

OCTAVE tube amplifiers – a new name to the UK, but this long established German company has a world-wide reputation for exceptional sounding amplifiers that never go wrong!

The Company owner Andreas Hofmann designs all the Octave amplifiers to be technically perfect and simple to use without compromising their exceptionally clear and open sound qualities. The designs are hybrid, a perfect mix of tubes and semiconductor circuitry that allows the remarkable performance achievable from tubes to be maximised - to achieve their best audiophile potential.

For more than 20 years, OCTAVE has been building high-quality tube amplifiers that offer stable performance and reliability on par with the finest transistor equipment, owing to well thought out electronic monitoring and protection circuitry, including soft-start technology, controlled "power rise", precise stabilization and intelligent protective circuits – all guaranteeing unsurpassed product reliability.

Most OCTAVE amplifiers are designed to be simply upgraded with one of two plug-in power modules, offering two levels of greater stability and clarity; a clear upgrade path for OCTAVE amplifier owners.

Every OCTAVE amplifier is based on high-quality components, from the input jacks to the output transformers, many of which are manufactured by OCTAVE. Each and every model is meticulously hand-built at the company headquarters in Germany. Before any product leaves the factory, it must first pass a stringent quality-control and a 48-hour durability test.

The numerous group-test wins and awards by the hi-fi press world-wide is perhaps a validation of their efforts.

10th May 2012