STS Digital Siltech High End Audiophile Test CD

STS Digital STS Test Demo CD, Master Recordings (STS6111134)

The first STS / Siltech audiophile CD.

The Marantz organisation stopped producing their one a year hybrid CD/SACD 'masterworks' in 2012. STS were hoping to find another audio Company to step into this role, Siltech have risen to the challenge and are sponsoring this STS Test Demo CD, offering you their 'Master Recordings'.

This volume 1 is CD only, as the SACD market is so small now, it was felt right to concentrate on CD replay discs, leaving higher resolution options for microSD card albums in the future.

Volume 1 has a good selection of beautifully re-engineered tracks, bringing out the natural musicality and dynamics, as only STS Digital seem to know how.

Track listing:

  1. Pink Panther Theme - Plas Johnson
  2. Tu es la - Philippe Elan
  3. Hold On - Max and Esmay Luck
  4. Sunny get blue - Nat King Cole
  5. Wailin Wall - Wiles Ingwersen
  6. Hick ups - Harry Sacksioni
  7. The devil may care - Eleonora Holiday
  8. Homeward bound - Blues Company
  9. Dream about you - Eva
  10. Let me down easy - Ricky Peterson
  11. Take my mother home - Harry Belafonte
  12. Jazz traditional - The Dutch Swing College Band
  13. La Rosita - Coleman Hawkins & Ben Webster
  14. Live samba - George Carlo
  15. English folksong - Ron and Marco

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