STS Digital 'Jazz Masters, Vol.1', Buddy Tate trio (STS6111162LP)

STS Digital 'Jazz Masters, Vol.1', Buddy Tate trio (STS6111162LP)

Legendary Jazz Recordings from the Master Tape to 180gm DMM LP.

Jazz with: Buddy Tate – tenor sax, Milt Buckner – organ and Wallace Bishop - drums

A stunning audiophile jazz album, taken directly from the Master Tape recording session, made in Paris in 1978.  This 180gm vinyl album pressed directly from the metal master (DMM), for the best quality sound - and this fabulous music sounds so good. 

Track listing 

1 When I’m blue      B. Tate

2 The good life      S. Distel

3 September song      K. Weil/M. Anderson

4 That’s all      B. Haymes/A. Brandt

5 Midnight sun      L. Hampton/S. Burke/J. Mercer

6 My ideal      R.A. Whiting/N. Chase/L. Robin

7 Sophisticated Lady      Parrish/Mills/Ellington

8 Angel eyes     E. Brent/M. Denis


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