STS Digital EXTENDED Dynamic Experiance, Vol. 2 (STS 61111--)

STS Digital EXTENDED Dynamic Experience, Vol. 2 (STS 6111149)

The Dynamic Experience CD series offers a truly dynamic sense of scale and reality to the music.

This is the most 'dynamic' series of CD's STS Digital has ever produced with the help of the unique STS Digital MW Coding Process.

Volume 2 offers 14 tracks from the likes of Marcus Miller, Supertramp and Kraftwork.

This CD shows just how wide a range of dynamics the CD medium can achieve and how this offers a sense of scale and reality to the music. Who said the CD was dead?!

Dynamic bass output, so one warning: This CD is not suitable to play VERY LOUD on small bookshelf loudspeakers, you may damage them - but great fun on larger loudspeakers!


  • 1. Dominique Miller - Rush hour
  • 2. Janis Ian - Breaking Silence
  • 3. Marcus Miller - Mr.Pastoriu
  • 4. Kraftwerk - Aeró Dynamik
  • 5. Earth and Fire Orchestra - Escape
  • 6. Yello ft. Shirley Bassey - Rhythm Divine
  • 7. Drum les du tons- Improvisation
  • 8. Mari Boine - Vuolgge Mu Mielde Bassivarrái
  • 9. Joe Satriani - SRM
  • 10.Doug MacLeod - Come to find
  • 11.Supertramp -Rudy
  • 12.Level 42 - Dune Tune
  • 13.Rammstein -Los
  • 14.James Blake- Limit to your love

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