STS Digital A Pritty Thing (STS6111165LP)

STS Digital A Pritty Thing (STS6111165LP)

Music by Scottish composer Tobias Hume played on the extraordinary Viola Da Gamba.

For any lover of the Viola Da Gamba (not now a well known or often played instrument) or lover of 16th / 17th Centurry music, this album of compositions from the hand of Scottish composer Tobias Hume (1579-1645) will come as something of a revelation. 

Recorded in the Chapel of the Frransciscan Convent in Utrecht, Ralph Rousseau plays a 6-string Viola da Gamba made by Georrge Aman in the early 18th Century. 

The Viola da Gamba has been a regular instrument Ralph has played at his concerts over the past 20 years, this recording onto tape for LP has had no editing whatsoever and the results are stunning. 

Track listing: 

Side A

1. The Spirit of Gambo

2. A Soldiers Maske

3. Captaine Humes Pavan

4. T Sa ala mod du’ france

5. A Soldiers Resolution

6.Toy Suite

7. My Mistresse Hath a Pritty Thing

8. Maister Crasse his Almayne

Side B

9. A Preludum

10. A Soldiers Galiard

11. A French Ayre

12. Captaine Humes Almayne

13. A Meditation

14. The New Knights Humor

15. The Earle of Pembrooke his Galliard

16. A French Jigge

17. A Question

18. Ha Couragie

19. An Answere

20. Now I come

21. My Mistresse Maske

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