STS Digital A Night Never to Forget, Tape (STS.T6111155)

STS Digital A Night Never to Forget, Tape (STS.T.6111155)

Seventeen late night mellow jazz tracks with saxophone and piano up front, a direct from the Master tape copy.

STS reel to reel (R2R) tapes are transferred directly from the Master Tape.  

Tapes available in three options:

Highest studio quality 2 track at 38cm/sec (15" per sec.), on one 10.5" reel. These are transferred at the original Master tape speed and offer the original 'studio sound' as the musicians and engineers heard it. Held in stock. 

High studio quality 2 track 'half speed' at 19cm/sec (7 1/2" per sec.), on one 7" reel. Very similar to the highest speed, loosing a little micro-detail and dynamics. Ideal way to experiance Master Tape quality of tape machines not offering 15" per sec. speed, like most Revox A77 and B77 machines. Held in stock. 

To special order: 4 track tapes at 19cm/sec (7 1/2" per sec.) and 38cm/sec (15" per sec.). These are produced to order, check for prices.

All tapes IEC biased and without Dolby noise suppression, to be as close to the original recording as possible.  IEC biased tapes are OK to play on other biased machines.



A Night Never to Forget

If your in the mood for a laid back jazz event, look no further than this album.  Seventeen songs played in a smooth jazz style by an accomplished piano and saxaphone duo with backing band.  In time honoured fashion, this STS recording by Fritz deWith at his STS studio producces all the tonality, vibrancy and detail of these instruments and the band, without harshness or un-natural brightness, producing a lovely musical album. This direct copy from the Master Tape offers dynamics like no other medium, giving you a real 'being there' experiance.



  1. Out of this world - T. Arlen
  2. Wave - A. Jobin
  3. Dont know why - I Jones
  4. Gee Baby - Dee Redman
  5. Nancy - J van Heusen
  6. Meditation - A Jobin
  7. A flower is a lonesome thing - B. Strayhorn
  8. Angel Eyes - M. Denn
  9. Heaven - D. Ellington
  10. Yours is my heart alone - F. Lehar
  11. Besame Mucho - Trad.
  12. The nearness of you - H. Carmichael
  13. Smile - C. Chaplin
  14. Misty - E. Garner
  15. What a difference a day makes - M. Grevar
  16. Alice in Wonderland - S. Fain
  17. Moanin' - B. Timmons

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