STS Digital '100 Years Of Jazz', Dutch Swing College Band (STS6111173LP)

STS Digital '100 Years Of Jazz', Dutch Swing College Band (STS6111173LP)

Jazz standards from the early days, from a band who have been around for almost as long.

Jazz recordings first started in 1917 and this collection starts out with the 'Dixiland One Step', the first jazz recording on a 78rpm shellac record. All the tracks on this album return to the era of the Dixiland Jazz Band and re-live the style and energy of this exciting Jazz form.

The Dutch Swing College Band started in 1945 and have been continuously entertaining in Holland and many other European Countries since then.  They are not called 'Europes most swinging Jazz band since 1945' for nothing!  Check out their web site: www.DSC.NL

A pure analogue recording, this 180gm LP is directly mastered from the Tape Master, using the DMM manufacture process for highest quality fidelity. You will not be disapointed, very high fidelity.

Track listing: 

1 Original Dixieland One Step Nick LaRocca

2 Memphis Blues W.C. Handy

3 Soprano Mood Peter Schilperoort

4 Apex Blues Jimmie Noone

5 Big Butter and Egg Man Percy Venable

6 Strange Peach Peter Schilperoort


1 Clarinet Marmalade Larry Shields, Henry Ragas

2 Doghouse Blues Peter Schilperoort

3 Duff Campbell’s Revenge Turk Murphy

4 Basin Street Blues Spencer Williams

5 Fidgety Feet Nick LaRocca


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