MS HD Power Schuko (EU) mains plug, Gold plated

MS HD Power MS-GP-G Schuko (EU) plug, Gold plated

An audiophile quality Schuko (EU) Gold plated mains plug.

An audiophile quality Schuko (EU) mains plug. Designed to Adopt Large Size Power Cables - up to 16mm dia. and capable to fit up to 4mm Diameter wire conductors very securely.

This Schuko plug has high quality 3.0┬Ám 24K Gold plating over the highly polished power pins, and all other power and earth conducting parts, including the wire securing screws.

Complies to CE and DIN VDE0620-1 Safely Standards.

Selected premium quality copper material for all parts and components.

High-Insulation, Durable and Light-Weight Housing, colour black.


Type of Plug: CEE 7/7 , unswitched

Mains Voltage: 200~250 VAC

Max. Current: 16 Amp.

Dimensions: dia. 38mm x 70mm L (Housing Only)

Net Weight: 100g (net)

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