MS HD Power MS-9296Rh UK 2 gang wall socket for Audio and A/V, Rhodium plated.

MS HD Power MS-9296Rh UK 2 gang wall socket for Audio and A/V, Rhodium plated.

A superior 2 gang UK wall socket for audio and A/V use.

The MS-9296Rh Rhodium plated UK type Wall Socket offers a high quality (recessed box type) 2 Gang solution to optimize the audio or A/V room power connections.

It is often overlooked - the wall socket connections to the Hi-Fi or A/V are a weak link in the room power supply chain. Whereas it is possible to clean your plugs, its virtually imposable, dangerous indeed to do the same with wall sockets. None of the standard commercial wall sockets have as strong a connection as the MS HD Power high spring rate Phosphor Bronze socket clips, ensuring a long term air tight and corrosion free connection, nor use as heavy gauge conductor material.

These sockets comply to the BS-1363 Safely Standards, the High Spring Rate Phosphor Bronze Socket Clips and all other conductive parts are 1.0µm Rhodium Plated, including wire fixing screws, which can secure large dia. cables, up to 14mm² / AWG #6 Electrical Wire, for those who are wiring from the consumer unit direct to this wall socket with heavy gauge cabling.

White die-cast Bakelite cover panel material is used for is superior insulation and anti-vibration properties.


Number of sockets:2
Type of sockets:BS-1363 Standards, unswitched
Mains voltage:200 - 250 VAC / 50~60Hz
Max. Current:13 Amp.
Overall size of wall plate:146mm x 86mm
Fixing hole ctrs.:120.6mm C/C (fixing screws supplied)

The MS HD Power wall sockets will replace BS standard wall units, so its an easy and quick fitting job. This should however be carried out by a qualified electrician.

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