MS HD Power MS-515Rh  925 Rhodium UL 15A Plug

MS HD Power MS-515Rh 925 Rhodium UL 15A Plug

Audio quality US 15A mains plug, Rhodium plated.

This high quality US 15A 3 pin plug has been designed to be used with audio equipment for optimum power transmission. All the electrical parts (polished pins and all internal parts) are made from premium quality copper and are 1.0┬Ám Rhodium Plated (all plug pins, conductors, fixing screws and internal conductive parts) to the highest standard.

The heavy duty mains wire-clamps design ensure an air tight connection to ensure perfect power transmission between plug and wire. The plug will accept wires up to 4mm diameter - and clamp a cable of up to 16mm overall diameter.

The design allows for easy cable fitting (instructions provided). The plug casing is manufactured from nylon material, offering durability, high insulation and light weight.

Laboratory certificated to UL Safely Standards .

Mains voltage rating: 125 VAC x 15A

Size (Housing Only): 38mm Dia. x 51mmL (inc. cable clamp)

Weight:100 grams

Packed in singles, display packing - size: 70mm W x 60mm D x 105mm H, fitting instructions included.

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