MS HD Power 6 Way UK STAR WIRED Dist. block, Silver plated. MS-E02-SS

MS HD Power 6 Way UK STAR WIRED Dist. block, Silver plated. MS-E02-SS

A star wired 'silver star' distribution block, 6 outputs plus additional earth.

If you have no mains 'problems', no clicks or perceptable variation in sound quality on your audio or A/V system, then you ought to be using a star wired distribution block with no additional RF or EMI supression components added .... Why?  Because all active and passive electronics connected to the mains power line DO in some way change the impedance (power potential) on the line to some degree. 

All audio electronics has by law to supress the outgoing 'noise' and these RF/EMI supression devices inside audio equipment also supresses the incoming power 'noise' to some degree.  Adding further supression 'down-stream', so to speak, can lead to reduced system 'impact' and a general lessening of dynamics and musical 'colour', reducing ones enjoyment and immersion in the musical or A/V experiance. 

It is well recognised in the audio and A/V industry that star wired distribution blocks seem to present less change in the mains impedance and power characteristics (presenting little change in the sound of an audio system) unlike all other ways of wiring a series of power sockets.  So much so, that audio electronics Companies like Naim Audio seriously urge their customers to only use star wired power distribution.

Enter the 'Silver Star' (order code: MS-E02-SS) from MS HD Power.  Developed in the UK for our market, the six silver plated sockets are wired back to 'star points' inside the case, and an additional earth connector (drain) is also connected to the earth star point for use with earthing equipment casework, Hi-Fi stand if metal, or perhaps the metal turntable chassis.  All components internally are Silver plated and the use of very heavy guage multi-strad (silver plated) copper wires back to the star points ensures a very low impedance to each socket.  A resettable over voltage switch is the only electrical protection component employed and has no impact on the power line impedance at all.

The Silver Star is sold together with a 1.5 Mtr. mains cable (UK plug to IEC) offering a suitable connection back to the wall.  Further improvements may be obtained by using a thicker mains cable back to the wall - at which time the supplied cable can be used to power to one of the audio or A/V components.

This distribution block is available from a growing number of Dealers and comments back from them have been very positive, like - 'I have been looking for a distribution block like this for the last 10 years, tried lots of different types; it simply does nothing, its perfect!'.   

That is the idea - it has no percieved impact on the power line(s) to the audio or A/V equipment, does not change the musical character of an audio system, it does not get in the way of musical enjoyment.

Name:  Silver Star



Features and specifications

    • 100% Compliant with BS-1363 and BS-5733 Safety Standards
    • 6 Silver plated Premium Grade Sockets High Spring Rate Phosphor Bronze Sockets Clips Pass the BS Standard 30,000 times plug IN / OUT test
    • 5 mm² Power Transmission Bus Bars with 1.0 µm Pure Silver Plating [Enhances High Current Flow]
    • Star Earth Wiring.
    • 4mm² Silver Plated 6N OFC Internal Wires with Silver-Rich Soldering
    • Additional earthing point.
    • Heavy Gauge Metallic Chassis with Vibration Absorption Spikes
    • 20A Resettable Safety Switch Protect Equipment Connected
    • Full Life-Time Warranty


HiFi Pig, 30 Jun 2016

Submitted for review to Hifi Pig we have this MS HD Power MS-EO2 SS, Star Wired mains block with surge protection and external earth point unit. Dominic Marsh takes a listen.

8.2 / 10

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