Air Audio Services AC-2K Balanced Mains Transformer.

Air Audio Services AC-2K Balanced Mains Transformer.

Balanced mains power for lower noise floor and cleaner detailed audio quality.

Balanced mains transformers work for mains power like balanced signal lines, there is a lower noise floor due to the balanced signal through the cables cancelling out the noise.  Both balanced mains and balanced signal lines are used extensively in recording studios to offer the lowest noise floor during recording sessions.  

Balanced signal inputs and outputs are now commonly found on home audio equipment (using XLR plugs and sockets) and the benefits of balanced mains power is now finally being realised by music lovers and adopted for use with audio and A/V home systems.

There are additional benefits when this balanced technique is applied to incoming mains power. The balanced mains transformer partially isolates the incoming mains from the outgoing balanced mains used to power your audio equipment. There is a reduction in the 'noise' EMI/RF artifacts; the separate house earth line is isolated, so not carrying any additional AC/DC or noise.  

The AC-2K Balanced mains transformer can be used to power some or all of the audio equipment.  It has the most beneficial effect when used with the low level analogue signal components and digital equipment, like DAC's, CD players, streamers, phono-amplifiers, pre-amplifiers etc. There is a benefit in using balanced mains power for power amplifiers (but in our experiance less than with the source and pre-power components).  Clearly, if you have an integrated pre/power amplifier, it will be beneficial to use balanced mains to power it.

The AC-2K balanced mains transformer is designed to be connected directly from your mains wall socket and the output taken to your components.  You can use your existing distribution block with any passive noise controlling components they may have in them.  The AC-2K has an output voltage display on the from panel, which is switchable.  Inside the substantial damped alluminium casework there is anti-surge protection and voltage input selector (220,230,240,250VAC).  The specially manufactured 2Kva transformer is mounted on an anti-vibration platform, isolating it from the casework.  We have gone to great lengths to prevent the transformer from being audible; only if driven close to capacity or dissipating a serious level of incoming DC on the mains line, will it buzz, and then, with all our anti-niose engineeringg, it is doubtfull that you will ever hear it.  We use a massively over rated 2Kva transformer to ensure maximum power delivery.

We recommend that you use our AC-2K unit to power all your audio equipment, including power amplifiers up to 150W per channel.  More powerful power amplifiers may best be connected directly from a second wall socket (or better still, from a second AC-2K unit), further isolating it from the rest of your audio system.

What will you hear with the AC-2K installed?  The music will sound more natural, digital sources seem to flow more musically, the space around instruments and the 'holographic' impression will grow between the speakers, the silences in the music will seem blacker.

Using balanced mains has one further advantage, the cables used to carry the power from the AC-2K are less critical.  That is not to say that better cables will not improve the sound quality, but fundamentally, the RF and other noise picked up from unshielded mains cables is removed, so more expensive shielded mains cables are less neccessary. 

We have a data sheet available, explaining balanced mains power in more detail, and their advantagges. 

Full AC-2K specification sheet also available.

Retail Price: £1,400.00p

Air Audio Services AC-2K Balanced Mains Transformer.
Air Audio Services AC-2K Balanced Mains Transformer.
Air Audio Services AC-2K Balanced Mains Transformer.


Customer feedback, 10 Dec 2018

The AC - 2K is well, just brilliant.

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