Air Audio Services

Air Audio Services

High end audiophile accessories

Air Audio Services manufacture a range of products that offer maximum resolution and neutrality at their respective price points. Specialist cables such as the Astell and Kern balanced cable, and the RF Blocker, that cuts radio frequency interference going into and back from loudspeakers.

The highest quality commercially available materials and processes are used. Such as, with the specialist cables: UP-OCC stranded copper and silver/gold wire with PTFE (Teflon®) dielectric, and connectors using oxygen free copper (OFC) with silver or gold plating, Silver loaded solder and cryogenic material de-stressing treatments (cold annealing at -195 degrees C). All in the name of best sound quality.

The Air Audio Services use no fancy expensive branding, no high cost sexy packaging, you pay for the product design and materials - and they speak for themselves.


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